Like Andrex from Heaven

These are extraordinary times. Toilet paper has become a valuable commodity and if you don’t believe that, wait until you run out and see what you are willing to pay for a roll.

But fear not, for the True BelieverTM will not run out since the Lord giveth to those in need. At least according to evangelical preacher and conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Rodney Howard-Browne (recently arrested for holding services during the coronovirus crisis):

It boggles the mind that people like Howard-Browne can get people by the thousands to flock to him and believe the non-sense that comes out of his mouth.

I mean, just take what he says at face value: There is the creator of the universe, idly watching on at a deadly virus kills people, including many of faith, and disrupts public life around the world. Yet he can be moved to intervene and miraculously create matter out of nothing in the form of toilet paper for those of true faith. Hallelujah!

Hat tip: Friendly Atheist